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About Fast Time Roper Bits

fasttimeroping.pngThe cheeks on these bits are the same length that you're used to, and some of the mouthpieces might look familiar too. However the unique leverage position on the Fast Time bits will not only give your more drop, or lower the horse's head, but it means that the the top of the bit moves a little slower, giving your horses "pre-signals", so they can feel your hand start to move BEFORE they get the shock of the curb and it really lets them relax. When your horses figure out that these bits give them a chance to follow your hand and avoid the curb, they just start melting off the bit – you're going to notice a big difference instantly. Without the proper tools you can't accomplish anything near as fast as the guy who has them, and these bits are the tools you need to improve your roping.

You Can't Have Just One!

lvspeedropingimage.pngThe Fast Time line offers six different mouth pieces, so there’s something that will work for virtually every situation and every horse, but none of these bits will scare a horse unless they’re misused. Every bit comes with a curb strap and all the cheek pieces are the same and are 3/16" thick so they’ll be very durable. Every bit is guaranteed too, so if a bit should ever break on you under normal use, you just send it back and we'll get you a new one. Also, in the first 30 days, if you decide that you chose the wrong mouthpiece for you horse, just send it back to us and we’ll exchange it for one that will work better for you.

Every bit comes with a chain curb. Keep in mind that because the bits are fairly high leverage, the curb will need to be tighter than you’re used to. The old two finger rule does not apply to these curbs. Think of a scale from 1 to 10, Where 1 is in the neutral position where the bit is just hanging in the horse’s mouth, with no rein pressure on the bit’s shank, and 10 is full throttle position (with no curb chain attached)- that is the shank is pulled back as far as it will go - these bits need to be stopped by the engagement of the curb chain at 5 - halfway between 1 and 10. After that you can adjust the it a bit tighter or looser depending on your best results. But your baseline, or starting point, needs to be at 5.


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