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Fast Time Roper Bits


Fast Time bits are a new and innovative line of bits created especially for team ropers but they're proving to be a real hit with barrel racers too!

As a very passionate low-number heeler myself, I know that if a horse pulls, or you have to argue with him in your approach, that it takes away from your focus on the throw. These bits have been specifically designed to take the effort out of guiding your horse, and help him to score better, break flatter and rate to an adjustable position – giving you more accuracy.


We've spent three years developing and testing these Fast Time bit combinations with every level of roper and horse and everyone who tried them got the same results—whether you're a top-of-the-line high-number player, or a low-number roper that can't stand distractions and still rope, these bits will make it easier to control your horse—so the better you're going to rope. It's that simple!  Learn More>>


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